Friends of the ATC Logos

About Friends of the ATC:

Friends of the ATC is a solidarity network with the Asociación de Trabajadores del Campo (ATC, or Rural Workers Association), an organization of struggle that defends the rural workers and peoples of Nicaragua. We organize at local and international levels to spread awareness, form solidarity, and facilitate support for the struggles and initiatives of the ATC and the international movement La Vía Campesina. In the spirit of internationalism, we believe in the necessity of supporting ongoing struggles for justice in our own communities and around the world.

Our main activities are the following:

  1. Sharing information and news about the ATC, the CLOC, and La Vía Campesina
  2. Organization of events (exchanges, delegations, and speaking tours)
  3. Logistical support for relationships between the ATC and other organizations and individuals around the world
  4. Securing resources for initiatives of the ATC, CLOC, and La Vía Campesina




About the ATC:

The Asociación de Trabajadores del Campo, or Rural Workers Association, represents approximately 50,000 rural workers and small-scale producers in Nicaragua.  The ATC has several hundred labor unions and agricultural cooperatives throughout the country.  The organization coordinates agrarian sector employment training programs, political formation workshops, agricultural practicums, and advocacy on national policies that protect workers and food systems.  It has active rural women and rural youth movements.





As a member of La Via Campesina, the ATC is connected to an international social movement that represents over 200 million peasants, small farmers, agricultural workers, fisher folk, indigenous peoples, pastoralists, and migrants around the world.  Together organizations of this movement struggle toward food sovereignty, or the right of peoples to define their own food systems that will grow healthy and culturally appropriate food for local consumption.  The ATC regularly hosts assemblies for Central American Via Campesina member organizations (as the Central American component of the Coordinadora Latinoamericana de Organizaciones del Campo, or CLOC).  Major CLOC & Via Campesina campaigns include agroecology (sustainable peasant’s agriculture), popular agrarian reform, the end of violence against women, the banning of agrotoxins, and reclamation of ancestral seed systems.