These publications are in English unless otherwise noted. If you’re looking for specific information that you can’t find here, you can also contact us.

ATC, LVC, food sovereignty, & agroecology: A 2-page pdf that briefly explains these key movements and concepts, plus photos.

Profiles of Nicaragua-based schools: Profiles of various schools of political and agroecological formación in Nicaragua that are coordinated by the ATC and ally organizations. Click on any of the links below to open or download the pdf.

International Declaration on Agroecology: Collectively written by social movements and ally organizations in Mali, February 2015.

Peasant-to-Peasant and Agroecology: Site, produced by the ANAP, LVC, and Komanilel Collective, that has multimedia resources on scaling out agroecology. Includes a large library of agroecology publications.

Other articles: