École de solidarité Ben Linder

Welcome to the online Ben Linder Solidarity School!  These materials were initially brought together as part of a 13-week virtual course to study and strengthen international solidarity with Nicaragua and its popular organizations like the Asociación de Trabajadores del Campo (Rural Workers’ Association), and international movements like La Via Campesina. Individual sessions were led by highly experienced internationalists, agroecologists, and organizers.

We have organized the materials from the virtual program into this online format, so you can revisit specific sessions, explore different units at your own pace, more easily find specific information, or dig into the additional materials. These materials are meant for anyone who is interested in strengthening internationalism and accompanying social movements.

Ben Linder was a young North American who, inspired by the Sandinista Revolution, traveled to Nicaragua in the 1980s to support rural electrification projects. He was killed in El Cua, Jinotega by the US-funded Contras in April 1987 alongside two young Nicaraguans. Through this course, we remember his and many others’ spirit of internationalism and how they took inspiration from the ideals of the Revolution.

• Construct internationalism and build solidarity with Latin American social movements and revolutions by countering misleading corporate media and neoliberal narratives that vilify people-centered governments.
• Present the Nicaraguan people’s perspective and the organizing work of the ATC, CLOC, and La Via Campesina.
• Contextualize the current reality in Nicaragua through a historical lens.


We’ve organized the course into several units, each unit is comprised of several different classes. To navigate to the page that contains all of the information for a class, select the class name below.