“It is inspiring and motivating to be back in my home country”

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Internationalist testimony from Friend of ATC Aminta Zea

2021 delegation scholarship recipient and Friends of ATC

Friends of the ATC delegations give internationalists, farmers, students, and activists the unique experience of participating in the revolutionary and agroecological processes of the ATC in Nicaragua. The 2021 delegations were attended mostly by young people of color from the United States, including US citizens with roots in Latin American including Nicaragua, Honduras, Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, and Argentina. Diverse participation in Friends of the ATC delegations is part of the project of the Friends of the ATC of cultivating revolutionary solidarity amongst those who share a common struggle against imperialism across borders.

Le Ben Linder Scholarship Fund aims to create scholarships to invite more working class delegates to Nicaragua, as well as to provide scholarships for regional students of the Instituto Agroécologico Latinoamericano (IALA) Ixim Ulew in Nicaragua, an agroecological training ground at the heart of the Latin American Coordination of Rural Organizations-La Via Campesina (CLOC-LVC) which serves as an important learning center for both international regional students and delegates.

Here, Nicaraguan American sociologist and activist Aminta Zea shares what she values most from her experience on the Yes to Sovereignty! No to Sanctions! March 2021 delegation, co-hosted by the Friends of the ATC and Sanctions Kill!:

“The delegation exposed to me just how diverse Nicaragua and her landscape is. Mainstream media will never really get into the fine details of the political landscape. The ATC delegation really gave me the opportunity to reconnect with my roots and learn more of the specific details of what revolutionary struggle has looked like for my people. You see your people fight against imperialism, but there’s also vigor and optimism and hope. You feel that all at once. And it will always give you the motivation to keep fighting and engaging and struggling. Because that’s exactly what your people are doing back home.

“I feel that I’ve made friends that will be my friends for a very long time. And this leaves me feeling invigorated and motivated. That’s why these delegations are important. And that’s why community work is important. It was very cool to meet other Central Americans. There’s people of all ages from every single part of the US. It is really nice to be in community with older people, some of these people who have been in the organizing struggle for decades, who know so much and have experienced so much. The delegation showed me that anti-imperialism is something that can be cultivated, regardless of your background. When you have revolutionary consciousness, and you’re dedicated to fighting against capitalism and imperialism, then you’re propelled on a life path that exposes you to so many different experiences.

“When you’re in el campo, everybody does their part, everybody works to keep everything together. There’s a different level of community and closeness because you have to work together. You’re all under the same conditions. It was really sweet to see family values meaningful for children’s development. It was really sweet seeing the role of children, especially in el campo. I am so far removed from anything with connection to the land. It was really fascinating to see the different ways in which people engage in agroecological processes.”

You can listen to more of Aminta’s testimony in a clip from Ramiro Sebastian Funez’s documentary, “Nicaragua Against Empire”:


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