Many Friends of the ATC have successfully held events in their own communities to share about the ATC’s work and build solidarity with the ATC. Over the last few years, Friends of the ATC have visited college classes, organized delegation report-backs, and put on fundraisers.

We have the expertise to help you plan an event, networks to help you publicize, and resources that you can share with attendees. You could throw a lunch or dinner party at your house or a local park. You could pick up food from a Nicaraguan restaurant or try cooking some recipes yourself. Another idea is to ask a space for organizing or activism if you could use it for a fundraiser.

If you’d like to give a talk or hold a fundraising event, here are some resources that the Friends of the ATC can provide:

Hands that Construct: 40th Anniversary of the Rural Workers’ Association

In 2018, Friends of the ATC launched a fundraising campaign to help the ATC create a documentary to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its founding. About 30-minutes long, Hands that Construct gives a fantastic introduction to the historical role the ATC has played in popular struggles in Nicaragua. You could show the documentary in its entirety or select specific clips to give attendees of your fundraiser a better idea of the ATC’s purpose and work.

“Building Food Sovereignty in a Moment of Crisis for Capitalism” by Fausto Torrez of the ATC

In October 2018, Fausto Torrez attended the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance’s IV National Assembly in Bellingham, Washington, where he spoke about the impact of neoliberalism on Latin America, on-going efforts to construct new forms of agricultural production, and a series of other topics. We filmed and transcribed Fausto’s presentation, which could be shown at your fundraising event. You can find the transcript of the talk and a link to the video here.

Interviews with IALA Students

Friends of the ATC supports IALA Ixim Ulew (Instituto Agroecológico Latinoaméricano), the agroecology school for youth from the ATC and other La Via Campesina organizations in the region. We have filmed short interviews with IALA students. All of these clips are subtitled, and you could show one or two to give an idea of how the ATC helps train peasant leaders.

You can find the playlist of 5 videos here.

Printouts on the ATC, La Via Campesina, and Nicaragua-based schools

We’ve produced a number of handouts that describe the work of the ATC and La Via Campesina, as well as other printouts that highlight various schools of political and agroecological formación that are coordinated by the ATC and ally organizations. These could be printed and given to friends, family, and colleagues at your fundraiser. They are also useful for preparing yourself to discuss the ATC’s work.

Friends of the ATC PowerPoints

We’ve put together a basic PowerPoint that explains the objectives of the ATC, Friends of the ATC, agroecology, etc. If you want to give a more formal talk, this PowerPoint might help you organize your presentation. To have this PowerPoint mailed to you, please write to

Are you interested in bring someone from the ATC to your community?

One of the most impactful events you can organize is hosting a representative from the ATC. There is the option of arranging for the travel of an ATC representative for an event series or tour, or the option of arranging a conference call or webinar (we have Skyped in to classrooms, documentary screenings, trainings, arranged webinars, etc.). Please write for more details.

For additional resources, including videos and informational handouts, please visit our resources page here.

Speaking Tours

We currently do not have any speaking tours scheduled at this time. If you would like to host someone from the ATC or organize an event with us, please write



PAST SPEAKING TOURS: archived information here

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