International Workers’ Day: Read ATC testimonies about tobacco worker organizing in Estelí

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Happy May Day, International Workers’ Day! 

In celebration, we are happy to share Estelí: Three Times Heroic, a Friends of the ATC publication of testimonies from the leaders of the ATC Estelí Federation, which advocates for workers and cooperative members in Nicaragua’s substantial tobacco and cigar-making industry.

In their testimonies, the leaders share the rights that cigar factory workers have won by forming unions, and the ongoing challenges of companies’ anti-union campaigns. They describe the training programs at the ATC’s School of Tobacco, which help young people find employment. Beyond their roles with the ATC and the goals of their organization, the leaders of ATC-Estelí discuss growing up in the countryside, how the ATC is intrinsically connected to Sandinismo, and the effects of the 2018 failed coup attempt and processes of reconciliation in their city.

ATC-Estelí is dear to the hearts of many Friends of the ATC, as over the past few years the federation has hosted delegations, interns, and other international visitors. By visiting communities like La Montañita, Friends of the ATC have been able to experience rural Nicaraguan life and see the tangible benefits in the countryside of the Sandinista Popular Revolution and the ATC. We hope that this publication captures the perspectives that so many of us have been lucky to gain first-hand thanks to our friends and comrades in Estelí. 

We are grateful to have collaborated on the design of this packet with Melanie Marques of WhyHunger, who was a delegate on the Sandino Vive! delegation to Nicaragua in February.



Please read and share their testimonies widely!

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