Nicaragua’s 2021 Elections


Friends of ATC “Solidarity with Nicaragua” delegation and 200+ international election accompaniers witness Nicaragua’s historic elections 

On November 7, 2021 the leftist FSLN party and President Daniel Ortega were re-elected in Nicaragua’s democratic presidential elections with a 76% victory. The Friends of the ATC held the “Solidarity with Nicaragua” Delegation from November 2-9, made up of 12 North American delegates and accompanied by representatives from CLOC-Via Campesina from Nicaragua, Honduras, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic to participate in this historical process.

Before the official electoral accompaniment program, the ATC hosted the “Pueblos Soberanos, Pueblos Solidarios” Panel at the Francisco Morazán Peasant Worker School with participation from internationalist-journalists Dan Kovalik, Ben Norton, and Camila Escalante, who shared about Nicaragua’s revolutionary history, how the US government and its allies continue to promote regime change in Nicaragua, and the importance of supporting anti-imperialist struggles for freedom throughout the continent.

On election day, the delegation had the opportunity to witness the Nicaraguan people going out to vote in the cities of Granada and Chinandega. In both places, our groups toured 4 different voting centers, observing the transparent, orderly and calm process with our own eyes.

Unfortunately, there has since then been misinformation spread by mainstream media that repeatedly deems the electoral process “undemocratic” or a “sham” even before elections took place. The United States has refused to acknowledge the results of the elections, and just three days after Ortega’s re-election passed the “Reinforcing Nicaragua’s Adherence to Conditions for Electoral Reform Act of 2021” or RENACER Act to impose more sanctions on the country.

More than 200 international observers and 40 independent international journalists representing 27 countries came to Nicaragua to witness the elections in an effort to uncover the truth about the electoral process in Nicaragua. Since the elections, many of these observers have published articles describing their experiences and what they saw first hand in an effort to combat the lies spread by the media. Additionally, many have written about US efforts to undermine the democratic elections and overall sovereignty in Nicaragua. Below you will find a list of these articles with links.

Articles written / appearances by Friends of ATC delegation participants:

After Daniel Ortega’s Victory in Nicaragua, Biden Signs RENACER Act and OAS Votes to Condemn – article by Julie Varughese –see link here

U.S. attacks on Ortega fail to convince Nicaraguan voters – article by Christian Guevara, People’s World –see link here

Nicaragua Post-Election Day – Teri Mattson of Code Pink “WTF is Going on in Latin America & the Caribbean: Nicaragua Post Election Day” in conversation with Michelle Munjanattu, Stanfield Smith, and Yoav Elinvesky – see link here

Following the elections, North Americans gathered to leave remarks at the Electoral Accompaniment Press Conference held on November 9th. Link to the press conference in full here in English 

See the Friends of the ATC appearance on Telesur English here

Unmasking Imperialism podcast “Nicaragua Elections: An Eyewitness View” hosted by Ramiro Sebastián Funez in conversation with Amanda Legaretta, Julie Varughese, and Abraham Marquez – watch in full here

Articles from allies:

Voting & Sandinista Support on Caribbean Coast – video by Netfa Freeman, The Black Alliance For Peace –see link here

Despite US led Dirty Campaign, Nicaraguans Came out in Force in Support of the FSLN – article by Jill Clark- Gollub, Council on Hemispheric Affairs – see link here

Nicaragua celebrates democracy, election day report – article by Roger D. Harris, Resumen-English – see link here

What We Saw Is Not What the Corporate Media Tells the Public! – by Margaret Kimberley, see link here

What I saw on election day – article by Rick Sterling, Orinoco Tribune – see link here

Nicaragua’s people have spoken – blog by Becca Mohally Renk, Centre for Development in Central America – see link here

As Nicaragua resists regime change the US ramps up its economic warfare – podcast by Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -see link here

Debunking myths about Nicaragua’s 2021 elections, under attack by USA/EU/OAS – article by Ben Norton, Grayzone – see link here

US threatens regime change in Nicaragua – article by Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report – see link here

Black Alliance for Peace Condemns RENACER Act on Nicaragua as Bipartisan Criminality, article by Netfa Freeman, see link here

Electoral Contras: US plotting to sabotage Nicaraguan democracy yet again, article by Nan McCurdy, Covert Action – see link here

Inside Nicaragua’s 2021 elections – and the latest US/OAS coup attempt, article by Ben Norton, Grayzone – see link here


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