Notes from the 7th Conference of LVC

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Every four years La Vía Campesina holds its International Conference, which represents the movement’s highest decision-making space. This July, the 7th International Conference of La Vía Campesina took place in Derio, Euskal Herria (Basque Country). Delegates from every member organization of the movement meet to share experiences from the various LVC regions, debate next steps for the movement, make decisions, and produce a conference declaration. Just prior to the conference, the 4th International Youth Assembly of LVC and the 5th International Women’s Assembly of LVC were also held in Derio.



ATC has been present at all previous international conferences of LVC, and this one was no exception. One notable event from this conference was that Edgardo Garcia, General Secretary of the ATC, was re-elected as one of the members of LVC’s International Coordinating Committee (ICC), the highest governing body of the movement which represents 200 million people. Friends of the ATC was also honored to travel to the Basque Country to participate in the conference. We met many peasants, workers, and allies who want to integrate into the network.


Youth of ATC and Friends of the ATC during the 4th LVC Youth Assembly’s closing mística


Part of the Central American delegation at the conference


La Via Campesina publishes a wide range of declarations and statements as a result of this conference. We particularly invite you to read the Final Declaration (collectively written and published at the end of each International Conference) and some of the solidarity statements passed by LVC at the conference. You will also find a full series of articles that report on the conference on the Via Campesina website.


Middle East & North Africa Delegation – Viva Palestine!


LVC founders and International Coordinating Committee members reading the Final Declaration


The conference ended with a public march in the city of Bilbao to call attention to the struggle for food sovereignty both locally and around the world. See footage from this march and movement voices (in many languages and including ATC) here.



The gathering of the 7th International Conference was full of mística, cultural exchange, camaraderie, accompanied by a militant team of volunteers (including translators who made the full conference available in 16 languages) and representatives from ally organizations. It is a reminder that despite the painful repression of our peoples and grave situation of our Mother Earth, we hold a common struggle. Together, we shall overcome.


For more coverage from the conference:

Radio Mundo Real published an interview with Edgardo García and Faustino Torrez in celebration of the 39th triumph of the Sandinista Revolution that’s worth a listen, as well as the interviews and published statements on solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and the Venezuelan peoples (in Spanish).


La Via Campesina has a number of albums of beautiful photos from the conference. Friends of the ATC also has an album from the conference where you can find ATC and Friends of the ATC representatives in action.

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