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Join us for a panel discussion about international solidarity with Nicaragua: the history of the movement, the importance of linking other anti-imperialist struggles with Nicaragua’s current fight against U.S. intervention, and how young people are getting involved today. We will be hearing from three panelists who, from distinct paths and experiences, are connected to Nicaragua and the ATC.

TUESDAY, MAY 26th, 12pm PT / 3pm ET


Our distinguished panelists:

Magda Lanuza is a Nicaraguan feminist who has been based in El Salvador since 2006. She is a graduate of Brandeis University in Boston. She has worked as a consultant for international organizations and has supported widely farmer’s organizations including members of La Via Campesina.

Sara Roschdi is a graduate student at UCLA and an organizer with the Chiapas Support Committee, a Los Angeles based international solidarity collective rooted in Zapatista principles and Black liberation struggles. In July 2019, Sara participated in the Friends of the ATC Solidarity delegation to Nicaragua, an experience which inspired her to write her Master’s thesis on the Sandinista Revolution and the failed US-backed coup attempt in 2018.

Dan Kovalik is a U.S. Human Rights lawyer, professor, and peace activist. He has been following Nicaraguan politics for the past 40 years and visiting the country since 1987. Dan just released a documentary, “NICARAGUA: THE APRIL CRISIS & BEYOND”:

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