Café Revolución (Revolution Coffee)

Café Revolución (Revolution Coffee)


Café Revolución

  • 12oz (340g) bag
  • coffee grown and hand-picked by ATC’s May First Cooperative in Jinotega, Nicaragua
  • beans roasted by California Roasting Collective

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Café Revolución (Revolution Coffee) is grown and harvested using traditional methods by ATC farmers who are part of the May First Cooperative in the northern mountainous department of Jinotega, Nicaragua.

For generations, coffee has played an important role in the lives of farmers and their families in Nicaragua. Historically, many of these farmers have sold their coffee to intermediaries with little knowledge on what happens to the coffee after. Many farmers in Nicaragua have expressed the interest in selling coffee directly to consumers in the United States, in an effort to share not only their delicious, high-quality coffee, but also their stories.

Café Revolución (Revolution Coffee) was born in 2021 as a project of the Friends of ATC. Friends of the ATC is the solidarity network with the Asociación de Trabajadores del Campo (Rural Workers’ Association, ATC), a historic organization in Nicaragua committed to defending the rights of rural workers and improving the quality of life in the Nicaraguan countryside. The ATC is a founding member of the international peasant movement, La Vía Campesina.

Café Revolución coffee is roasted by our partner California Roasting Collective in San Marcos, California. All bags are light roast.

Buy a delicious bag of Café Revolución today in support of Nicaraguan farmers!

Additional facts about Café Revolución:

  • Arabica coffee (Catimor & Catuai Colorado varieties)
  • Grown in La Virgen, Raicero & Corinto Finca communities of Jinotega
  • Shade-grown coffee produced between 800 & 1200 meters above sea level
  • Many of the ATC coffee farmers received their land through the agrarian reform process in the Sandinista Revolution

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