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Update (December 2016): We had an exciting time visiting US projects in November and sharing about Via Campesina agroecology in Central America. We made a Facebook photo album from the tour and have also posted a short blog about the experience.


We are pleased to announce that we will have a second Peasant Agroecology for Food Sovereignty and Mother Earth tour in 2016, taking place November 3-13, in the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Missouri. For more information on our spring West Coast speaking tour, please scroll down farther on this page.

For our November tour, the ATC’s Marlen Sanchez will be meeting with students, farmers, cooperative members, solidarity organizers, and climate change activists. She will be speaking and exchanging on the importance of social movements pushing for food sovereignty in response to neoliberal capitalist and imperialist policies which support land grabbing, environmental destruction and climate change, and repression of peasants, indigenous peoples, and communities of color around the world. Agroecology, grounded in ancestral knowledge, native seeds, and horizontal learning exchanges, is what can achieve food sovereignty and cool the planet.

Marlen’s bio: Marlen Sánchez has been the National Coordinator of Agroecology for the ATC since 2013.  She has also been a member of the ATC for 11 years, attending the ATC’s workshops with her mother from a young age.  Marlen was one of the first graduates of the IALA Paulo Freire, located in Venezuela, the first Latin American peasant university to train youth of social movements in the technical and political components of agroecology. As National Coordinator of Agroecology, Marlen directs the implementation toward IALA Mesoamerica and the Agroecological Corridor. She is also in charge of the Via Campesina Central American region’s leadership formation courses. For the past year, Marlen has also worked closely with Friends of the ATC to strengthen networks of solidarity in the United States and other countries of the Global North. She participated in the US West Coast Peasant Agroecology for Food Sovereignty and Mother Earth Speaking Tour in April of 2016 and also was a coordinator of the June 2016 Food Sovereignty and Agroecology Delegation to Nicaragua.

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November 3-5 (Thursday-Friday): Wooster, Ohio

  • Class visits to Latin American Revolutions, Just Work, and Sustainable Agriculture at The College of Wooster
  • Visit to producer-consumer cooperative, Local Roots
  • Charla con Proyecto Latino y estudiantes hispanohablantes

November 5 (Saturday): Ashtabula County, Ohio

  • Meetings and visits with producers of the Ashtabula County Farmers Union (a member of National Family Farm Coalition, which is a US Via Campesina member)

November 6 (Sunday): Cleveland, Ohio

  • Presentation at the Commemoration of the Martyrs: Sunday 11/6, 4pm-8pm, Beaumont School. Organized by the InterReligious Task Force on Central America and Colombia (IRTF Cleveland), this event remembers US churchwomen who were killed in El Salvador in 1980, and calls for a continued commitment to solidarity with Latin American peoples. Marlen will be giving the human rights speech. NOTE: This is a ticketed event. For more information, visit IRTF’s Commemoration page or call IRTF at 216.961.0003.

November 7-9 (Monday-Wednesday): Central Pennsylvania

  • Public Talk: Monday 11/7, 7pm-9pm, Training Center Room at the Union County Government Center (Lewisburg, PA). Co-sponsors of the event include the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Union County Conservation District, and the Susquehanna Valley Climate Action Network.
  • Public Talk: Tuesday 11/8, 7pm-8:30pm, Gallery Theater in Langone Center at Bucknell University (Lewisburg, PA).
  • Visit to Social Justice Common Hour at Bucknell University
  • Presentation (open to the public) at Sustainable Food Systems class at Susquehanna University: Wednesday 11/9, 1pm-2:30pm, Room 104 of Susquehanna University library
  • Visits to local farms

November 11-13 (Friday-Sunday): St. Louis, Missouri




2016 Speaking Tour

Update (June 2016): Thanks to all who made our first-ever US speaking tour a success. We hope for many more opportunities for exchange in the future. You can see selected photos from all of the places we stopped along the way through our Facebook album.


We are pleased to announce the 2016 Peasant Agroecology for Food Sovereignty and Mother Earth West Coast Speaking Tour!  This tour will take place April 25 – May 6, 2016.

Delegates Marlen Sánchez and Nils McCune will highlight the work of how agroecology is used in the Via Campesina movement as a tool to fight climate change, to create gender equity, resist neoliberal capitalism, facilitate re-peasantization, and realize food sovereignty.  They will also talk about the construction of IALA Mesoamérica, or the Latin American Institute of Agroecology of Mesoamerica in Santo Tomás, Nicaragua.  While IALAs exist in other parts of Latin America, this would be the first regional, agroecology peasant university of its kind for the southern Mexico & Central American region.


About the delegates for this tour:

  • Marlen Sánchez has been the National Coordinator of Agroecology for the Asociación de Trabajadores del Campo (ATC, one of the founding members of La Via Campesina) since 2013. She has also been a member of the ATC for 11 years.  She was one of the first graduates of IALA Paulo Freire, located in Venezuela, and is currently the director for implementation of IALA Mesoamerica in Santo Tomás, Chontales, Nicaragua and coordinates the leadership formaciónes for the Central American region of La Via Campesina.
  • Nils McCune is a student and researcher in agroecology, as well as a technical team staff member with the ATC. He represented the ATC at the International Forum for Agroecology in Mali in 2015.  He is a regular translator at Via Campesina international meetings.  He is also the liaison to Friends of the ATC, the sister solidarity organization of the ATC.



April 25 (Monday): Santa Cruz, California


April 26 (Tuesday): Palo Alto, California

  • Public Talk at Stanford University: Tuesday 4/26, 4:30pm-6:20pm, UPDATED LOCATION Einstein Conference Room at SESI adjacent to the O’Donohue Family Stanford Educational Farm (Organized with Professor Patrick Archie’s Principles of Sustainable Agriculture course



April 27-28 (Wednesday & Thursday): Berkeley, California


Berkeley Flyer


April 30 (Saturday): Oakland, California


May 1-3 (Sunday-Tuesday): Eugene, Oregon


Peasant Agroecology_UO


May 3 (Tuesday): Corvallis, Oregon




May 4-5 (Wednesday-Thursday): Olympia, Washington


May 6 (Friday): Portland, Oregon


More detailed information and updates to the schedule will be posted regularly on this page.  If you have an immediate question or would like to arrange an event with the tour, please contact us at